Date: 26th September 2005

Who's Forgotten Madge?

Looks like Guy Ritchie will be getting on the wrong side of his missus - after he forgot Madonna's name on live TV.

The Brit film director was left red-faced and stammering on a French TV chat show when asked to give his wife's full name in a surprise quiz.

"Er... er", he stuttered, saved only by a helpful fellow guest who quickly gave him the answer.

"Yes, Louise Ciccone," he finally declared.

But it only got worse for the luckless Mr Ritchie, as he then got the designer of Madonna's wedding dress wrong - naming French designer Hutchins instead of Stella McCartney.

"You're going to get me in a whole lot of trouble," he said.

Ritchie was on French show Everybody's Talking About It to plug new film Revolver, which has been savaged by critics back at home.

Source: Press Release