Date: 19th January 2006

50 Cent defends film

50 Cent says his film Get Rich Or Die Tryin' does not condone violence and gun crime.

Speaking at the UK premiere of the film he said: "No way was it in my head to capture a film that glorifies violence."

He added that Jarhead, a film depicting the Gulf War, was "far more violent than the 50 Cent experience".

A film poster for the movie fell foul of advertising watchdogs for "glamorising" gun crime.

His record label Universal Music said the image was meant to communicate 50 Cent's fight to escape the ghetto.

According to BBC online he added: "Creatively I haven't done anything that wasn't acceptable.

Eighteen films that came out before mine utilised weapons on their artwork. But when mine comes out they start protesting.

"If it glamorises it when I do it, then it's glamorised period. So we should protest every time," he said.

The film, directed by Jim Sheridan mirrors the real life of Jackson, who was jailed for selling drugs before finding fame.

Source: Press Release



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