Date: 17th March 2006

Anchorman Will: I'm Not Dead

"Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Now, that famous quote is from renowned American author Mark Twain, when he heard reports that he'd popped his clogs.

Yes, as well as celeb tittle tattle, we do like a bit of classic literature here at Showbiz HQ...

Anyhoo, American funnyman Will Ferrell has found himself in a similar situation to the esteemed Mr Twain.

He is laughing off a fake report that said he'd died in a freak paragliding accident.

A hoax press release, announcing the Anchorman star's death in an accident in California, was posted on website iNewswire on Tuesday.

As well as being completely untrue, it was littered with grammar and spelling mistakes for good measure.

Will's publicist was quick to reassure friends, family and fans that Will is very much alive and well.

Matthew Labov said: "Not much to say other than we heard and read about it this morning and reacted accordingly.

There was no point in trying to track (the source) down as it was obviously a hoax."

The owner of the paragliding company who was mentioned in Will's death story, Josh Meyers, said: "
I have no knowledge of Will Ferrell paragliding."

We're glad to hear that these reports are very greatly exaggerated indeed.

Source: Press Release