Date: 12th April 2006

Arnie for Terminator 4?

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be invited to take a cameo role in a fourth Terminator movie.

Producers want the Governor of California to make an appearance in the film, says the Mirror.

But the actor's political career could make it impossible so they will make the movie with or without him.

Andy Vajna, producer of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, said: "We would like Arnie as a cameo.

We want to go on with the Terminator and turn it into a real sci-fi picture - there is a very interesting role for Arnold if he wants it. But I'm not sure where he is with his politics - we'll see."

Vajna hopes Terminator 4 will begin filming next year on Australia's Gold Coast.

He said: "
We have the script ready and we are now looking for a director and figuring out what the next step is."

Source: Press Release