Date: 4th October 2000

Virtual Producers Called For On Cage Movie

NICOLAS CAGE is hoping to make film fans rich by offering them production credits and possible income from his new film SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE.

The actor's movie company SATURN FILMS is offering up slots for "virtual producers" in the film on the Internet via the HOLLYWOOD STOCK EXCHANGE website.

For as little as $10 (6.60), movie fans can buy a share of the film and in return they will get the chance to follow the movie's progress via the Internet through the various stages of its production and marketing campaign. The set up will also allow the virtual producers to suggest ways of improvement.

Those who participate get a screen credit and if the movie grosses $10 million (6.6 million), the virtual producers will split $150,000 (100,000), $500,000 (330,000) if it grosses $20 million (13.2 million). (KL/HR/RGS)

Source: WENN