Date: 6th July 2006

Is Keira Too Thin?

Keira Knightley has had to defend herself against claims that she's anorexic.

Pictures from the premiere of the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film revealed just how tiny the actress is.

But although there is a history of the eating disorder in her family, she insists that she herself is not suffering from it.

"I've got a lot of experience with anorexia - my grandmother and great-grandmother suffered from it, and I had a lot of friends at school who suffered from it."

"I know it's not something to be taken lightly and I don't."

But talking about the speculation about her weight after the POTC premiere, she said she was surprised by suggestions she was unwell.

"(The press) said to me yesterday, 'How does it feel to be called anorexic?' and I had no idea that I was," she told the press conference.

"I'm not saying there aren't people in the film industry that suffer from it, because I am sure that there are. But I'm quite sure I don't have it."

"Whatever people say about my weight they are all wrong. There is a pressure to be thin in Hollywood because it's all about the way you look."

"But I'm not going to apologise for the way I look. If you're strong and comfortable with yourself then you're going to be fine."

Source: Press Release