Date: 18th June 2007

Jessica makes her mark

Jessica Alba has been slowly crawling up the Hollywood power list over the past few years, but 2007 looks like it's going to be her year

The actress has no less than six films coming out this year - the first of which is Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in which she plays the part of Sue Storm, the invisible woman with a force-field.

Alba is also set to appear on screen in horror film The Eye, three comedies - Good Luck Chuck, Bill, and The Ten, plus another thriller titled Awake.

Earlier this year, she topped FHM's poll as being the sexiest woman on the planet.

Alba often appears in men's magazines - but the actress said it is strictly for movie promotion.

She added: "I do men's magazines to promote movies. Women's magazines don't have as many polls. The polls seem to get publicity for the magazine. So when you are in the public eye and when you are in films, they just sort of keep putting you on it and it's very flattering."

Source: Press Release



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