Date: 8th August 2007

Stuntman Ignition

Take the risks, get that shot and build your reputation to become the greatest Stuntman there is!

Diversion Ends The Speed Demon will be the biggest car action movie of the year! You are the stuntman with the job of completing all of the most dangerous scenes. If you do well you'll build a career and ensure that you'll be performing the stunts in the sequels as well!

With Stuntman Ignition you can play in multiplayer mode with your friends, take your career through three movies, win awards, replay all your daredevil stunts as well as smashing up sedans, police cars and pick up trucks.

Stuntman Ignition is available now! Text ‘stunt’ to 88188 (Cost 4.50).

For a free Stuntman Ignition wallpaper text ‘stunt1’ to 88188.

Source: Press Release