Date: 5th October 2000

George Lucas Panics As STAR WARS II Secrets Appear On Web

Legendary Hollywood director GEORGE LUCAS is panicking as major leaks on the making of the new STAR WARS instalment have been sprung on the internet.

Fans desperate to see the next sci-fi epic have infiltrated secrets of both Star Wars II and THE MATRIX II - and the results are up on the web. Star Wars creator Lucas, currently filming the next instalment starring EWAN McGREGOR and NATALIE PORTMAN, in Australia, is furious after photos, storyboards and shoot schedules, some fished from rubbish bins surrounding the studios, have appeared on fan web pages. Storyboards - the sketches outlining film scenes - have already been removed after LUCASFILM threatened legal action, but fans say security on both films has been lax.

Sketches for the Matrix II starring KEANU REEVES have appeared on Ain' (LE/U/PDD)

Source: WENN



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