Date: 5th October 2000

Tobey Maguire Trains Intensively For Spiderman

TOBEY MAGUIRE is being put through his paces as he goes through rigorous training for his part as superhero SPIDERMAN.

The Hollywood heart-throb has been working out intensively for the past two weeks, limbering up for his insect-inspired role. Director of the long-awaited movie SAM RAIMI says, "We're kicking his a** in the training room. He's working out every day with a stunt co-ordinator and with his yoga instructor.

He's on special diets. He is undergoing a tremendous physical metamorphosis. He's got a great desire to see Spiderman up on the screen. He already had a good body but he's now developing the body of a superhero." And Raimi says Maguire is even studying spiders themselves. He adds, "Tobey's already been working with a wire man, he's got really good physical motion and I think he's studying right now how to move in an insectoid style so he's working on it." (MB/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN