Date: 6th October 2000

Michael Caine: Sly Shows More Feeling In Get Carter

Movie star SYLVESTER STALLONE shows the range of his acting repertoire as he reprises MICHAEL CAINE'S old role in GET CARTER and not a lot of people know that.

Thirty years ago Caine played a thug seeking vengeance for his murdered brother.

According to the star of EDUCATING RITA, the major difference in their performances is that Stallone put more emotion into the character than he did. He explains, "The treatment here is that made the character Carter less brutal, and the people around him more brutal. "The way we played him when I did it in sort of Mafia terms, he was an already made man and was connected. The way Sly's playing him he's not. He's on the outer rims and trying to get in and improve himself. The way Sly's playing him is a much more sympathetic character with more feelings and less brutal than the way I played it."

The ROCKY star assured Caine, who has a cameo in the remake, as the owner of the club managed by Carter's dead brother, that the new Carter would fit the times.

He explains, "
Michael was very supportive and I told him in the beginning that the biggest problem with remakes is Get Carter's philosophy in the original which was done in 1970 is quite different than the reality we have today. "We've become much more informed or jaded and I don't think we're taken on a ride as easy. So we had to change the Carter in a sense that he's a little bit more timely."


Source: WENN



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