Date: 6th October 2000

De Niro Reminds Director Of His Father-In-Law

ROBERT DE NIRO and BEN STILLER's new comedy MEET THE PARENTS is based on director JAY ROACH's experiences of meeting his wife, BANGLE SUSANNA HOFFS' mum and dad for the first time.

In the new comedy, BEN STILLER has to face an interrogation from his future father-in-law, a retired agent - played by the RAGING BULL actor.

And though Roach admits his father-in-law isn't quite as terrifying as De Niro's character, he was intimidated when he first met his WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN singer's psychoanalyst dad.

He says, "I did identify with Ben's character when I first read the script. When I found out Susanna's father was a psychoanalyst, it was terrifying. I had already convinced myself I was mentally ill and now I had to meet the father-in-law who'd see right through it. "He actually turned out to be the coolest non-judgmental person."


Source: WENN



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