Date: 6th October 2000

Jack Nicholson Avoids Press At All Costs

JACK NICHOLSON is going to extraordinary lengths to keep his love- life a secret.

THE SHINING star is rumoured to be back with his young love LARA FLYNN BOYLE, but he's determined not to talk about the romance.

At the glitzy GET CARTER premiere in Los Angeles last night (04OCT00), Nicholson turned up to support his pal SYLVESTER STALLONE's first movie in three years, and tried to sneak past the media.

One onlooker says, "He was so desperate to avoid being photographed, he hid behind all the photographers and crept his way down the back of them all. "Only when he was nearly inside the movie theatre did they spot him, and of course they went crazy but hardly anyone managed to get a snap of him, and he spoke to no one."


Source: WENN



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