Date: 29th August 2000

"Nasty Nick" Heads For The Movie World With Richie

British BIG BROTHER baddie NICK BATEMAN is set to show the whole world what a real villain he is - by hitting the big-screen with GUY RITCHIE.

"NASTY NICK", famous for his scheming, lying and eventual eviction on grounds of cheating in the CHANNEL 4 'reality TV' series, is planning to play the bad guy yet again in MADONNA's boyfriend's follow-up to latest movie SNATCH.

Since he left the hit show, Nick has become a celebrity in Britain, and his friends now include MADONNA's partner Guy, Hollywood hunk BRAD PITT and fellow Snatch star VINNIE JONES - all of whom he partied with at the premiere of the gangster flick.

A close friend says, "Nick has become very friendly with Brad, Guy and Vinnie, and they told him he would be great for movies. "He went for a screen test for a part in their next movie. He is very excited by it and believes this is the way ahead for him.

"He has not been told what the part is, nor what the movie is called. But he told me this could be his big break."


Source: WENN



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