Date: 7th October 2000

Hopkins Moves In On Winona

ANTHONY HOPKINS was caught chatting up a young woman on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday (06OCT00) - actress WINONA RYDER.

The THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS actor turned out to pay tribute to his BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA co-star as she unveiled her star on the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame. And Hopkins, joyfully reunited with Ryder, paid tribute to the LITTLE WOMEN star's beauty in his speech - before asking her on a date.

He says, "I haven't seen Winona for a few years, so when I was asked last week if I would be here with her, I can't tell you what an honour it was." And he told the crowd, "She's so beautiful. Devastatingly beautiful. She took my breath away just now when I met her after such a long, long time. We're going to have lunch next week - or dinner?"

Hopkins later confided Ryder's winning combination of beauty and shyness makes him putty in her hands. He says, "She's so beautiful, so touching and shy and I'm a sucker for that."

Luckily Hopkins did get closer than most to Winona - she sprinted across the pavement to hug him when she first spotted him at the event.


Source: WENN