Date: 7th October 2000

Cox And Arquette Trying For A Baby

COURTENEY COX's brother-in-law ALEXIS ARQUETTE has blasted reports the FRIENDS star and her husband DAVID ARQUETTE are splitting - in fact they're trying for a baby.

Cracks are rumoured to have occurred in the high-profile relationship - but SCREAM actor David's gay brother ALEXIS says nothing could be further from the truth.

He says, "They are not getting divorced. It's just that people get used to seeing couples together. They like seeing them when they get married but she's now started back on Friends and he's doing movies so they haven't been out for a few months. "But he's flying back from Europe on the weekends just to be with her as he's in Bulgaria filming a movie. "I would love for them to have kids. I wish they would soon, because I'm not going to carry the family name."

And Alexis also denies rumours he doesn't like his sister-in-law. He confesses, "At times Courteney's been called a bitch but she just speaks her opinion, she's a very strong woman."


Source: WENN



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