Date: 4th May 2010

Polanski breaks silence

Roman Polanski has broken his silence to decry the US for seeking his extradition from Switzerland on a 33-year-old child sex case.

The Oscar-winner said prosecutors wanted him to return so they could serve him "on a platter to the media".

"I ask only to be treated fairly like anyone else," said the 76-year-old, who left the US in 1978, before sentencing.

Polanski made his 900-word statement in an online publication run by a prominent supporter, the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy.

He suggested the case being prepared against him by California prosecutors was unjust.

"I can no longer remain silent because the United States continues to demand my extradition, more to serve me on a platter to the media of the world than to pronounce a judgment concerning which an agreement was reached 33 years ago," he wrote.

Source: Press Release