Date: 5th August 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio attacker given restraining order

A Canadian woman accused of attacking Inception (2010) star Leonardo DiCaprio in the face with a beer bottle in 2005 was ordered on Wednesday to stay at least 500 yards away from the actor.

DiCaprio was at a private Hollywood party in June 2005 when he was hit on the side of his head with a broken beer bottle.

The injury sent the actor to the hospital, where he received about a dozen stitches to his face and neck

After fleeing to Canada, Ms Wilson was extradited to Los Angeles to face a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

The attack allegedly occurred as DiCaprio was leaving a small party at the Hollywood Hills home of Paris Hilton's ex Rick Salomon. "As a result of the assault, Mr. DiCaprio suffered a laceration to the left side of his neck, requiring several sutures," police said in a statement at the time.

She was ordered to not to contact, or come within 500 yds (457m) of DiCaprio.

Ms Wilson is accused of sneaking into a party hosted by Paris Hilton's former boyfriend, Rick Salomon.

According to police, she mistook DiCaprio for an ex-boyfriend and attacked him with the bottle.

DiCaprio later filed a formal criminal complaint with authorities and a warrant was issued for Ms Wilson's arrest after she failed to report to a police station.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Hilleri G Merritt ordered Ms Wilson back to court on 11 August, where she will face the charges.

The judge also raised her bail from $60,000 (38,000) to $150,000 (95,000) stating concern about her "willingness and ability to come back to court".

The prosecutor said Ms Wilson was on probation for a previous offence in Canada at the time of the attack.

Source: Press Release