Date: 8th October 2000

The Smell Of Di Caprio

Movie hunk LEONARDO DI CAPRIO has stopped perfume makers hoping to use his name for their product.

The TITANIC actor does not want a Brazilian perfume to bear his name his lawyers say. Attorneys acting for the actor have asked local perfume maker ADEGA PERFUMADA to pull its DiCaprio brand registration from the BRAZILIAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INSTITUTE.

The perfumer based in Paraba state requested registry of the brand back in 1998. The actor's legal team, in a 70-page complaint signed by the star, filed suit seeking to stop the use of his name. "Our lawyers have told us we could fight the suit, but this would be a multimillion dollars lawsuit. How are we going to fight against someone who makes 20 million dollars a film?" asked Adega president ESTELLA BAGGIO, who runs 160 perfume shops across Brazil. (JM/WNWVO/PDD)

Source: WENN