Date: 8th October 2000

Devilish Liz Is A Saucy Sinner

Sexy actress LIZ HURLEY has committed all seven deadly sins - and lust is her favourite.

In her latest film, BEDAZZLED, the AUSTIN POWERS actress plays the devil and tempts BRENDAN FRASER with each of the seven evil deeds - and one came particularly naturally to her.

She says, "Lust does wonders for you and is good for the skin. All humans crave a bit of tension in the air - and lust brightensup the day. "The only thing that got me through chemistry class in school was fancying a boy who sat in front of me. How I longed to brush past him on the way to the Bunsen burner.

Hurley confesses she also enjoys the sin of sloth, explaining, "It can be heavenly. On vacation, I always welcome physical sloth." More surprisingly, Hurley - whose ex HUGH GRANT cheated on her with a prostitute - likes feeling jealous. "Being fiendishly envious can be deeply satisfying. It makes you feel so much better about yourself." The actress concludes, "Secretly we all enjoy the seven deadly sins. It's a massive comfort to know we're not alone in our misdemeanours." (LMS/WNSNE/JM)

Source: WENN



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