Date: 29th August 2000

Richie Defends Himself In Race Row

SNATCH director GUY RITCHIE has defended himself in a simmering row over his comments about there being "no black actors around".

Ritchie, partner of pop star MADONNA, claims his statement, which angered the black community, shouldn't have been reported as it was not only taken out of context, but also made 'off the record'.

He says, "The reporter didn't mean any harm but it wasn't on the record so he just went off and scribbled what he could remember.

What I was actually insinuating was there are good British black actors, but could we please have some more. It is vicious when someone misunderstands you - it ruins everything you stand for."

But the LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS man has a plan to appease his critics - he wants to make a "
black JAMES BOND" film but only because there's money in it.

He says, "
I have always fancied making a black James Bond movie and doing something for black actors in this country. It's not because I love blacks more than whites - it's because I recognise there is a commercial value there."


Source: WENN



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