Date: 21st April 2011

Lohan back onboard Gotti film as part of two-picture deal

Lindsay Lohan is back onboard John Travolta's new Gotti family biopic after signing on for back-to-back mob films produced by Fiore Films.

The news comes hours after Gotti: Three Generations executive producer, Mark Fiore, announced he was tired of negotiating a deal with Lohan's managers and urged the actress to get in touch with him directly - and it seems the actress has done just that.

Hours after he stated, "Maybe if Lindsay calls me up, we can talk about it," Fiore has announced the Mean Girls star has signed on to play Gambino family boss John Gotti's daughter-in-law Kim in the film as part of a two-picture deal.

The role was initially earmarked for reality TV star Kim Kardashian, according to insiders, while Lohan was formerly in negotiations to portray Gotti's daughter Victoria.

As part of the new deal, Lohan will also have a starring role in Fiore Films upcoming production of Mob Street, a movie based on a screenplay written by actor Chazz Palminteri.

"We're very pleased to have Lindsay onboard for both of these films. She has been very enthusiastic about the Gotti project, and, after resuming discussions with her, we were impressed by her commitment to the film and felt she would be a perfect Kim Gotti."

Travolta will play Gotti in the film and Joe Pesci will play his right-hand man Angelo Ruggiero.

The project is still without a director after Nick Cassavetes quit the film earlier this week, due to a scheduling conflict.

Source: Press Release