Date: 29th August 2000

Top Secret Tomb Raider Car

ANGELINA JOLIE will drive a top secret car designed by ASTON MARTIN in the new TOMB RAIDER film currently shooting at PINEWOOD studios, London.

The motor will be seen for the first time when the film opens in October (00), and until then nobody apart from cast and crew will get a look.

The prototype V12 VANQUISH has a top speed of 190 miles-per-hour (305 kilometre-per-hour) and will cost between $255,000 170,000) and $300,000 (200,000) when it comes on the market next year (01).

SIR SEAN CONNERY appeared alongside an ASTON MARTIN DB7 in many of the JAMES BOND movies, and British royal PRINCE CHARLES is known to be a big fan of the classic sports cars.

The new vehicle is made from an aluminium and carbon fibre mix which makes it extremely light and strong, ideal for the spectacular stunts expected in Tomb Raider.


Source: WENN



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