Date: 15th July 2011

Timberlake Gets Own Internet Date Request

Just days after Mila Kunis accepted a US marine's online date request, one of his female comrades has tried the same tactic on Justin Timberlake.

Corporal Kelsey De Santis has uploaded a video to YouTube asking the actor to accompany her to a ball.

It was Timberlake who encouraged Kunis to accept her proposal when she was put on the spot during an interview with Fox News.

Now he may have to follow his own advice.

In the 15 second video , De Santis stands in front of six muscley marines, saying: "Yo, Justin. You wanna call out my girl Mila? "

"Well I'm gonna call you out and ask you to come to a ball with me on November 12th in Washington DC."

"And if you can't go all I can say is Cry Me A River."

Given Timberlake's enthusiasm for Kunis to go on her date he might have trouble refusing his invite.

But even if he does accept the pair will not be going to the same ball.

De Santis has invited him to a party six days before the one Kunis is due to attend in North Carolina.

But the actress' presence at the ball has been thrown into doubt over reports she has a hectic work schedule.

Moore's video asking the Black Swan actress for a date has became a global internet sensation.

The video has now been viewed over three million times on YouTube.

Source: Press Release