Date: 3rd August 2011

DiCaprio Named Highest-paid Actor

Two actors who began their careers playing mostly androgynous characters in low-budget art films but who went on to star in huge blockbusters are now the highest-earning actors in Hollywood, according to Forbes magazine. Leonardo DiCaprio tops the list with an estimated $77 million earned between May 2010 and May 2011, while Johnny Depp, who topped the list last year with $75 million, dropped to second place with about $50 million.
"Both actors have achieved wealth and fame by making some unusual choices with their careers," the magazine observed. Forbes‘s estimates are based, it said, on discussions with agents, lawyers, producers and other industry insiders and represent pretax gross income before payment of management, agent and attorney fees. While versatility has paid off for DiCaprio and Depp, sticking to a familiar character put Adam Sandler on the Forbes list at No. 3 with $40 million. "As long as Sandler sticks to playing a stunted adult his films are huge hits," it noted. "But when Sandler strays his films tend to flop." Others members of Forbes‘s top ten: 4. Will Smith, $36 million; 5. Tom Hanks, $35 million; 6. Ben Stiller, $34 million; 7. Robert Downey Jr., $31 million; 8. Mark Wahlberg, $28 million; 9. Tim Allen, $22 million; 9. (Tie) Tom Cruise, $22 million.

Source: Press Release



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