Date: 17th October 2011

Spock actor Zachary Quinto comes out as a gay man

Actor Zachary Quinto, known for portraying Spock in the 2009 blockbuster film "Star Trek," has publicly come out as a gay man.

In an interview with New York Magazine published on Sunday, Quinto recalled a stage play he performed in last year, "Angels in America," which was set against the backdrop of the AIDS epidemic and the toll it took on him personally.

"As a gay man, it made me feel like there's still so many things that need to be looked at and addressed," he told the magazine.

Quinto, who rose to fame playing the evil killer Sylar on the television series "Heroes," also mused to the magazine about gay marriage and young gay teens who have committed suicide after being bullied.

"And again, as a gay man, I look at that and say there's a hopelessness that surrounds, but as a human being I look at it and say 'Why? Where's this disparity coming from...?" he said.

Quinto was most recently seen in a small role as one of Anna Faris' lovers in the comedy film "What's Your Number?"

He also is a recurring character on the FX series "American Horror Story," in which he plays a gay ghost.

Quinto, 34, is promoting the upcoming film "Margin Call," which he produced and stars in as well. He will reprise the role of Spock in the another instalment of the "Star Trek" franchise, which goes into production in January.

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