Date: 30th March 2012

Collins Debuts Singing Voice In Mirror Mirror

Actress Lily Collins surprised her rocker father Phil by secretly recording a song for her new film Mirror Mirror.

For years the 21 year old has shunned her family's musical roots to pursue her acting dreams, but she decided to sneak into the studio to record a Bollywood-style track for the film's closing credits.

The rising star, who plays fairytale princess Snow White in the movie, recently played the song for her famous dad - and he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

She tells Reuters, "I didn't tell my dad I was singing in the movie because I wanted to shock him by playing him the song. He loved it! He made me replay it a couple times because he didn't believe it was me!"

And although Phil Collins' daughter had a good time showcasing her little-heard singing chops, she has no plans to embark on any more musical endeavours: "My heart and soul is in acting."

Source: Press Release