Date: 15th May 2012

Will Smith Wasn't Keen On Filming Men In Black In 3D

Will Smith was wary of signing up to make the new Men in Black III (2012) sequel in 3D because he feared the story would suffer if director Barry Sonnenfeld got carried away with the new technology.

The actor, who reprises his role as Agent J in the alien adventure, admits he isn't a fan of many of the recent 3D movie releases, but he was pleasantly surprised to see the final cut of Men In Black III because it exceeded his expectations.

But that wasn't Smith's only worry - he confesses his big ears also gave him cause for concern.

He tells WENN, "My first concern being in 3D was my ears because I could see these pretty much take up the whole screen. When I first saw (the film) they were cool and didn't have them looking like satellite dishes!"

"As soon as you get the tools to do everything, now the movies aren't as good. With the 3D in Men In Black, Barry found the balance of not throwing things at the audience. He went for depth which makes it more pleasing to the eye."

Source: Press Release