Date: 22nd July 2013

Samuel L. Jackson in the dark on Star Wars 7.

Samuel L Jackson loves to wax lyrical about 'Star Wars' but even he appears to have run out of things to say about the returning franchise.

When asked about 'Star Wars: Episode 7', which will return roughly sixty years down the timeline from Jackson's character Mace Windu's gravity and lightning-induced death, Jackson talked of 'Star Wars' creator George Lucas' recent wedding, which he attended.

"J.J. Abrams was there, I was there," Jackson said while at this year's Comic Con. "I was like raises eyebrows and he was like noncommittal shrug, and he just went about his business. I don't know what that means."

"Harrison Ford was there too, and he was like shrug," continued the veteran actor. "I just think it would be cool to have some of us that people relate to as being part of the `Star Wars' franchise to give entire to the new characters that they're going to bring to whatever the new thing is. It kind of makes it an easier entrance."

Jackson is basically a fanboy who wants to be in 'Star Wars' like the rest of us but who also has the advantage of having already been in it before. His reasons are pretty transparent (fandom, money) but it's impossible to not love a man who just does not give a poodoo.

Jackson was in San Diego to promote Marvel sequel 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' in front of a packed crowd at this year's Comic Con.

Source: Press Release