Date: 16th October 2013

Arnie: We were offered weird roles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have revealed that they have turned down several offers to star together on the big screen.

The Escape Plan action stars, who shared screen time in the Expendables movies, admitted that some of the roles they were previously offered were "ludicrous".

"The interesting thing really is that for decades, they've tried to put us together in a movie and the scripts were horrible. It was like dreadful. We could not have accepted any of that," Arnie told Access Hollywood.

"One movie wanted us to be undercover agents in drag, and another movie wanted us to change from human beings to animals. So he was the dog and I was the cat and we were fighting each other. It was some comedy. It was all this ludicrous stuff."

In Escape Plan, Sly plays a prison security expert while Arnie is a hardened prisoner. The duo get to battle in front of the cameras as they take each other on in one scene.

"This entire day we shot this fight scene, different angles, close ups, wide shots. He was down, I was down, he gets punched, I get punched. It was going back and forth," Arnold explained.

"It was just a wild, wild fight scene, really well-choreographed the whole thing, but also, some things that went a little bit out of control, which always is good because the camera picks up all those things, so it was really terrific working with him on this film."

Sly joked that they will pair up on screen again, saying: "We're going to do a movie called Grumpy Old Hags, and we're gonna battle it out."

Source: Press Release