Date: 10th January 2014

Stallone loved taking back seat.

Sylvester Stallone has admitted it took him a while to adjust to not being the boss on new boxing comedy Grudge Match (2013).

The 67-year-old star - who has written, directed and produced many of his own films - revealed he did have to stop himself trying to take control on set, and eventually enjoyed simply acting.

Sly, who appeared in London with co-star Robert De Niro, to promote the movie, confessed: "It's kind of like being a pilot in a plane and you hit turbulence but you're the passenger and you say, 'Can I get in the cockpit for a second?' Then after you realise the pilot is pretty good you sit back and relax and it's almost a vacation to actually have a great script, have a great director, have a great co-star but it happens very rarely."

And while Sly loved working with De Niro and director Peter Segal, he revealed there have only been a couple of films he has worked on where he genuinely liked his director and co-stars.

He added: "Usually you're with a director you're not sure of, you're with an actor you can barely stand or you don't talk to... There's no communication. It's only happened two or three times that all of those things have been great but I enjoy it."

Source: Press Release