Date: 23rd January 2014

Radcliffe to play bridge builder.

Daniel Radcliffe has signed up to play the man who built the Brooklyn Bridge in a new film inspired by real events.

The Harry Potter actor will take the role of Washington Roebling, who was left to oversee the huge construction effort after the death of his father.

It took more than a decade to build the bridge, which connects Manhattan with the New York borough of Brooklyn, costing around 15 million US dollars (nine million pounds) and the lives of more than 20 people.

The film, called Brooklyn Bridge, will be directed by Douglas McGrath who is probably best known for the Jane Austen adaptation Emma, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

Managing director of Goldcrest Films Pascal Degove said: "Having Daniel's involvement is a massive coup for the film. Not only is he perfect for the role, but he's consistently proved himself to be one of the very few actors who is genuinely a massive draw for audiences of all ages."

Source: Press Release