Date: 5th March 2014

Leto: I haven't seen Dallas film.

Jared Leto has revealed he has yet to see Dallas Buyers Club (2013).

The music and film star, who won the Oscar for best supporting actor for his portrayal of HIV-positive transgender character Rayon in the film, admitted he has chosen not to watch his performance on screen.

"I have not seen the film yet. I think one day I will watch it, because, you know, I'll be curious at some point," he told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show.

"But it was such an intense role. It's better for me to just leave it alone right now," the 42-year-old added.

Jared, who stars alongside Matthew McConaughey in the real-life tale, also revealed he has yet to pick his next film role and doesn't have any other big-screen work lined up.

"Perspective and gratitude have a lot to do with it: I don't make that many films. I don't know when I'll next make a film or when I'll next be a part of this process," he told LA Confidential magazine.

Jared, who is also frontman with 30 Seconds To Mars, and whose last film role was in 2009's indie sci-fi drama Mr Nobody - said he prefers to take his time with regards to his screen work.

"I've never been in a hurry. I've always wanted to make the most interesting and challenging work and to be proud of it and to contribute to something special and meaningful," he said.

"I've seen the world many times over. You live a life. But it's a long race, so you learn to maybe run smarter."

Source: Press Release