Date: 27th March 2014

Anne Hathaway would love to return as Catwoman.

Former-Catwoman Anne Hathaway admits that she'd love to return as Selina Kyle in 'Batman vs. Superman'. But could this really happen?

After rumours that 'Batman vs. Superman' could tie into the previous Nolan Bat-films, it looks as though batman's former-love interest Anne Hathaway is interested in reprising her role. But with DC's Dark Knight presumably heading in a completely new direction, could this really happen? Do we really need an excuse to get Anne Hathaway back inside a cat suit?

In an interview with MTV, Anne Hathaway revealed that she would love to climb back into that cat suit for another stint as Selina Kyle… whether that's in 'Batman vs. Superman' or her own solo movie.

"I would love it if that happened," she said. "No one's talked to me about it and I think it's probably not going to happen, but that would be pretty cool."

But while no one seems to be asking, could this eventually happen?

According to some particularly outlandish rumours, the upcoming 'Batman vs. Superman' could tie into Chris Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy… and with Ben Affleck playing an ageing, world-weary Batman, there could be room for a cameo there somewhere.

Of course, those rumours should be taken with a truck load of salt. After all, Warner Bros. Has repeatedly denied that 'Batman vs. Superman' would tie into the previous films. And it certainly sounds as though they're gearing up to take the Batman franchise in an entirely different direction.

But if the rumours prove true, there's certainly nothing stopping Hathaway from making a spectacular return… and there could be a lot more story to tell after the conclusion of 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Source: Press Release