Date: 8th April 2014

Bloom uncertain about Romeo movie.

Orlando Bloom has revealed he had initial doubts about starring in a Romeo And Juliet film.

The Lord Of The Rings star reprised his Broadway role after the production of William Shakespeare's tragedy was adapted for the big screen, which co-stars Condola Rashad as Juliet.

"I was honestly sceptical at the idea. It was my first time with Shakespeare since drama school. I hadn't really tackled a leading role in Shakespeare and it was my Broadway debut, so there were a lot of firsts," he said.

"But I was also kind of excited by the challenge and by the possibility, and it lived up to all my hopes and expectations."

The 37-year-old added: "I felt very lucky to be playing Romeo on Broadway. It's sort of every actor's dream to play Romeo, let alone on Broadway. I had never thought that would be on my cards but it's been amazing. It was a really rewarding experience."

Orlando, who was recently awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, joked he is a spitting image to the lothario.

" I'm just like Romeo. That's why it's so easy for me to do," he quipped.

"He's passionate, he's a lover, he's romantic, he's virile, desperate and fearless, and all of those qualities I ran to embrace. There are parts (of me) that like to think I'm a bit like Romeo but I certainly enjoyed stepping into his skin for that period. It was a real gift."

The actor is now looking to do more theatre work.

"I'd love to do more Shakespeare but I'd also love to do more contemporary work. I'd also love to come back to Broadway or off-Broadway and do something completely different, so I'm not at all blinkered to anything really," he said.

Source: Press Release