Date: 13th May 2014

Lawrence: Mystique future uncertain.

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed the events of X-Men: Days Of Future Past could mean her character Mystique does not have to become a villain.

Bryan Singer's new movie sees the mutant heroes change the past to save the future, with the cast of the original trilogy including Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart appearing alongside the younger versions of their characters such as James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

Jennifer revealed to The Hollywood Reporter at the New York premiere: "This time because the future is undetermined, we have freedom to choose where we want to go with her."

"Is she going to become the assassin that we know her as now, like Rebecca Romijn's character? Or is she going to do what Charles Xavier wants and go down the path of no killing?"

X-Men stars from both the original films and the new reboot walked the black carpet including Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ellen Page and Anna Paquin. Famke Janssen and James Marsden also attended the premiere, even though it is not known if their characters make an appearance in Days Of Future Past.

James McAvoy's Charles Xavier is the only character who actually meets his older counterpart in the film, played by Sir Patrick Stewart.

He revealed that in X-Men: First Class he had made an effort not to imitate Patrick's performance, but revealed acting opposite him in the latest instalment had helped him learn what influences he will adopt in future films.

James explained: "I think the job of doing First Class and even doing this one was not redefining him for the sake of it and not just because it's a reboot but because you're showing him at a different time of his life."

"If he was just the same it would be deeply uninteresting. So it was important to me to find a reasonable and believable different take on him, and ultimately I'll be much more like him and moving towards his performance."

"The biggest thing I took away from his portrayal of Charles was his empathy. It poured out of him. It needs to pour out of the character, but it also pours out of him as an actor and a performer and that was something I wanted to take into my performance as well."

And Michael Fassbender revealed he had found an online tutorial of Sir Ian McKellen which helped him to play Magneto.

He said: "Through YouTube, I found a clip of him where he's doing an RSC workshop talking about how to approach Shakespeare, so I watched that. It was about 10 minutes long, and it was filmed in the '70s, so it was a younger McKellen. So I just spent a lot of time with that, so I felt like I was with him, as it were."

Source: Press Release