Date: 29th September 2014

John Cusack Talks Movie Industry Problems.

The much beloved actor, currently out doing promotion for David Cronenberg's "Maps To The Stars," used an interview with The Guardian as a chance to frankly talk about the current state of the Hollywood industry - specifically its attitude to both ageing and women.

"It's a whorehouse and people go mad. I got another 15, 20 years before they say I'm old. For women it's brutal. Screenwriter Bruce Wagner's thing about if you're 26, you're menopausal? It's only absurd because it's a little bit further than the truth. I have actress friends who are being put out to pasture at 29. They just want to open up another can of hot 22. It's becoming almost like kiddie porn. It's f--king weird."

He talked about how the nature of the business has also changed since the time he grew up in Hollywood and talks about how it affects young people:

"People would look after you when I was a kid. There were good people in the business. When I came to LA Rob Reiner said: 'Come stay at my house.' He taught me. I worked with Pacino . Pacino would talk to you and mentor you. Now it's different. The culture just eats young actors up and spits them out. It's a hard thing to survive without finding safe harbour."

He also says personal projects are harder than ever to get off the ground in the studio system these days:

"Now it's six for them - with a committee cutting the film who weren't part of making it - and maybe one for you. If I could do something like sell watches in China, then I would do that and just make movies like 'Maps' "

Source: Press Release