Date: 16th October 2000

Johnny's Fast Show Starring Role

Hollywood hunk JOHNNY DEPP is such a big fan of THE FAST SHOW that he has got himself a part in the show's final series, and he never travels without his set of videos sent to him by the BBC.

"If I'm going to some incredibly remote part of the universe, I have to have Fast Show tapes, everywhere I go. Really, I think these guys are - I really do - I think they are the most brilliant actors out there," Johnny gushes.

Depp, 37, found his first experience of working on a sketch show a bit odd. "I just got off the plane, you know, sweating like some hideous swine... and hauled a*** over here and went straight to the stage, not really knowing the lines so well. "I was so confused. The deal with these guys is, basically there's no way to be funny around 'em, so you just sort of shut up and nod your head."(KAB/WNSTI/PDD)

Source: WENN