Date: 21st January 2016

George Clooney and Lupita Nyong'o add to criticism.

Oscar-winning actor George Clooney has accused the Academy Awards of "moving in the wrong direction" amid controversy over lack of diversity.

For the second year running, no black or minority actors have been nominated in the four Oscars acting categories.

Star Wars actress Lupita Nyong'o also said she is "disappointed by the lack of inclusion" in the nominations.

Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs vowed to review its membership as stars pledged to boycott the ceremony.

Clooney, who has won two Academy Awards, said: "We need to get better at this. We used to be better at it."

Nyong'o, who won a best supporting actress Oscar for 12 Years a Slave in 2014, wrote on Instagram that she stands with those "calling for change" and that the awards should be a "diverse reflection of the best of what our art has to offer today".

Source: Press Release