Date: 31st October 2016

Tom Hardy to play Al Capone in Josh Trank’s 'Fonzo'.

Tom Hardy will play gangster Al Capone in Josh Trank‘s next film, the drama Fonzo, which is written and directed by Josh Trank (Fantastic Four). Rather than focussing on Capone’s early life as a gangster at the top of his game, the film will hone in on him in his forties as he battles dementia in prison.

Currently in pre-production, Fonzo, based on a script written by Trank, will detail the "myth and lore" of the notorious Capone during his criminal reign in Chicago during Prohibition. "Once a ruthless businessman and bootlegger who ruled Chicago with an iron fist, Alfonse Capone was the most infamous and feared gangster of American lore. At the age of 47, following nearly a decade of imprisonment, dementia rots Alfonse’s mind and his past becomes present as harrowing memories of his violent and brutal origins melt into his waking life,"

Source: Press Release