Date: 30th June 2017

Michael Keaton Confirms Role in Tim Burton's Live-Action Dumbo.

Michael Keaton has confirmed that he’ll be playing the role of the villain in director Tim Burton’s live-action version of Dumbo.

Keaton and Burton, of course, go back a long way in Hollywood, starting in 1988 when the iconic director cast the funnyman in his ghostly comedy classic Beetlejuice.

Despite the welcome reception of the film, perhaps the biggest breakthrough for both the director and actor came a year later when Burton went against the grain and cast the comedic actor in the titular role in Batman.
The move was not only embraced by fans after an initial outcry, it created the opportunity for dynamic duo to reunite for the sequel Batman Returns in 1991.

While both Burton and Keaton went to highly successful careers in the next two and a half decades, the filmmaker and actor’s creative paths never crossed again until now. More than two months after word surfaced that Keaton was in negotiations to join Burton’s live-action version of the classic animated Disney tale Dumbo, the actor is saying he’s officially on board.

Source: Press Release