John Lennon - Details


John LennonJohn Winston Lennon was born on October 9,1940, in Liverpool England. In the mid 1950s he formed his first band The Quarrymen and after a series of name changes The Beatles. The Beatles were a club band that grew popularity in the early sixties with songs like "Love Me Do", "Please Please Me", and more. Then The Beatles came to America to appear on the Ed Sullivan show and were loved by all.

They had hit albums such as; Rubber Soul (wich inspired the Beach Boys Pet Sounds and Revolver after an incident with Lennon saying the Beatles are more important than Jesus and the struggles of touring the band decided to quit touring. They devoted themselves into recording releasing albums such as Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Magical Mystery Tour,and The White Album, in the late sixties John began playing and making albums with his wife Yoko Ono.

Also in the late sixties the Beatles were on the verge of breaking up and released their last albums. Abbey Road and Let It Be. In the early seventies John had a solo career with his wife he suffered a series of flop singles,and was almost deported. Yoko and John continued their legacy of world peace on various t.v. shows and marches. He also recorded his most famous song in his solo career "Imagine" He also co-wrote with David Bowie "Fame" and the musical Oh Calcutta. He quit music for a little while to become a house-husband and take care of his son Sean. When his career was coming back and on a rise, he was shot and killed


  • 9th October 1940 - Birth
  • 8th December 1980 - Death