Ethan Hawke - Details


Ethan Hawke<B>Born:</B> 11/06/1970

<B>Birthplace:</B> Austin

<B>Status:</B> Married

<B>Sign:</B> Scorpio

Ethan Hawke was born to teenage parents who separated when he was still a toddler. He then traveled around with his free spirited mother for the next seven years until his mother remarried and settled in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

When Ethan was 14 he made his film debut with River Phoenix in the sci-fi movie " Explorers." The film may have been a flop but the two boys created a friendship that lasted until Rivers death in 1993. While Phoenix's career skyrocketed, Ethan's took a side street. For the following four years he attended high school and acted in school plays. He went on to study acting at Carnegie-Mellon but was expelled after his first day.

It wasn't until 1988 that his career took off. He was offered a role in Peter Weir's "Dead Poets Society" with Robin Williams. He film was a huge success and so was Ethan. He then made a string of films that were critically acclaimed although unsuccessful in the box office, including the World War ll drama "A Midnight Clear." Though he was known for his acting ability and talent, when he asked Julia Roberts to dance while she was married to Lyle Lovett, he added needed publicity to his name. The request turned into a tabloid feast and Ethan's name became very well known.

Hawke regards himself as an artist more than just an actor. He is involved in a wide variety of the business and is a co-founder and artistic director of Malaparte, a New York City theatre company. He has also directed the music video "Stay" for his friend Lisa Loeb.

He has enrolled in the New York University's English program twice but his work has kept him from finishing his studies. Although he regrets not finishing his undergraduate degree he has compensated by becoming an fervent reader and writer on his own. He made headlines when he signed a $400,000 book deal with Little, Brown, and Co for a novel in 1994. The book The Hottest State was released in 1996. It was about a twenty-one year old who lives in New York and is struggling to understand love.

He proceeded to star in various small scale films including Richard Linklater's talkfest "Before Sunrise," and "Alive" for which he had to loose 30 pounds. More recently he appeared with real life love Uma Thurman in "Gattaca". Uma and Ethan were married in May of 1998 and share a daughter Maya Ray who was born in July of 1998. He was cast in the modernized adaptation of Charles Dickens classic "Great Expectations" with Gwyneth Paltrow. Ethan reunited with director Linklater for the based-on-truth film "The Newton Boys" in 1998, which saw him and fellow hottie Matthew McConaughey robbing banks. In 1999 he was cast in the deeply affecting drama "Joe the King" which featured Malaparte co-founder Frank Whaley's debut as director and writer. He also held top billing in the eagerly anticipated adaptation of David Guterson's best-selling mystery-romance courtroom drama novel "Snow Falling on Cedars."



  • 6th November 1970 - Birth