Téa Leoni - Details


Téa Leoni<B>Birth name </B>

Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni

<B>Height </B>
5' 7"

<B>Spouse </B>
David Duchovny (6 May 1997 - present) 2 children
Neil Tardio (ca. 1992 - October 1995) (divorced)


Daughter Madelaine West Duchovny born 24 April 1999

Graduated from the Putney School in Putney, VT in 1984.

Her first name is pronounced "TAY-uh."

The name Tea means "goddess"

Auditioned for a "Charlie's Angels" (1976) remake role (as a dare) and got the part. A writer's strike in Hollywood meant the series was never made, but the pre-publicity was enough to get Tea noticed.

Tea's character in Deep Impact breaks the story on a comet going to hit the Earth and her character on "The Naked Truth" works for "The Comet."

Her paternal grandmother was silent film actress Helenka Adamowska.

Leoni means "lions" in Italian; her full name, Pantaleoni, is quite close to the Italian word for "trousers" (pantaloni).

Gave birth to second child, 7lb. 10-ou. boy, Kyd Miller Duchovny, in Los Angeles, 15 June 2002.

Her father suffered from skin cancer.

Planned on majoring in anthropology and/or psychology

Attended Sarah Lawrence College



  • 25th February 1966 - Birth