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Anjelica HustonAnjelica Huston co-stars in The Golden Bowl in the role of Fanny Assingham, she is an Academy Award-winning actress and critically acclaimed director.

Huston received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Maerose Prizzi in the black comedy Prizzi's Honor. Also, she was honoured with both the Los Angeles and New York Film Critics Awards. Prizzi's Honor was her first adult collaboration with her father, John Huston, following her motion picture debut at age 15 in A Walk with Love And Death.

Huston received an Emmy nomination for her performance in Calamity Jane in the mini-series Buffalo Girls. Also, she received an Emmy nomination for her performance opposite Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones in the mini-series Lonesome Dove. Both projects were adapted from novels written by Larry McMurty. Huston was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her performance opposite Sam Neill in the television film Family Pictures, based on the best-selling novel by Sue Miller. Huston also appeared with Michael Jackson in George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola's 3-D spectacle Captain Eo.

Huston made her directorial debut in 1996 with her unflinching adaptation of Dorothy Allison's best-selling memoir Bastard Out Of Carolina. Huston was nominated for a Director's Guild of America Award and an Emmy Award for Best Director for her work on the controversial drama about domestic abuse from a young girl's point of view. The film, which starred Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jena Malone, was also honoured at the Cannes Film Festival in the category of Un Certain Regard.

Her theatre work includes the Los Angeles production of Tamara for which she received the 1985 Distinguished performance Award from Dramalogue magazine.

Raised in Ireland, Huston is part of the third generation of a renowned cinema family, following her grandfather, actor Walter Huston, and her father. Huston currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, noted sculptor Robert Graham.


  • 9th July 1951 - Birth