Connie Nielsen - Details


Connie NielsenConnie Inge-Lise Nielsen was born in a little town in Jatland, Denmark. From the age of ten she lived with her family in Eling, a small seaside village. Experiencing acting for the first time when she was fifteen, Connie took part in a cabaret, written by her mother. At the age of 18, Connie flew the best and traveled the world, studying in Paris, Rome and Milan, ending up in Italy after her travels.

On winning a part in an American movie Voyage (1993), which was critically savaged, Connie was advised to make a move in the Western direction, America. Though her debut flopped, her appearance in the movie was received well, enabling her to succeed in her chosen career.
Connie acted upon the advice of a producer she’d met in an audition. His advice led her to set up home in the United States of America.

After staring in Devil’s Advocate, The (1997), Connie propelled into new heights of stardom, working alongside legends Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.

Using her success to her full advantage, Connie appeared in films such as Rushmore (1998), Mission to Mars (2000) and worldwide acclaimed, award -winning Gladiator (2000).

Connie currently resides in New York with her Danish husband and son Sebastian,

Connie’s fetish is collecting designer sunglasses. She holds an assemblage collection of around 200 pairs!