Harry Shearer - Details


HARRY SHEARER is a multi-talented actor, director and writer whose gifts have graced film, television, radio, stage and many publications. He gained national recognition for his role as one of the creators and stars of the classic This is Spinal Tap. He most recently portrayed G. Gordon Liddy in Dick, and has appeared in such films as Godzilla, The Right Stuff, Oscar, The Fisher King and Pure Luck.

The Los Angeles native began acting at age seven and made his film debut in the classic, Abbott and Costello Go To Mars. He also appeared in the first Cinemascope movie, The Robe. He was featured on several of the early live television shows, including The Jack Benny Program, GE Theatre and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. He played the role of Eddie Haskell in the pilot episode of Leave It To Beaver.


  • 23rd December 1943 - Birth