Jane Horrocks - Details


JANE HORROCKS (Babs) was honored with Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for her performance in the Mark Herman film "Little Voice," in which she reprised the role she originated in the stage play "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice," directed by Sam Mendes. Earlier in her career, she won the Los Angeles Film Critics Award and the National Society of Film Critics Award for her work in Mike Leigh's "Life Is Sweet."

A native of England, Horrocks trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She then joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she appeared in such plays as "The Dillen," "Mary After the Queen," "As You Like It" and "The Good and Faithful Servant." She more recently earned applause for her portrayal of Sally Bowles in Sam Mendes' London revival of "Cabaret." Her stage repertoire also includes "Macbeth," "Our Own Kind," "Debutante Ball," "Valued Friends," "A Colliers Friday Night," "Road" and "Ask for the Moon."

For the screen, she lent her voice to the feature "Faeries," and counts among her other film work "Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis," "Second Best," "Deadly Advice," "Memphis Belle," "The Witches," "Getting It Right," "The Dressmaker" and "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase."

Television watchers know Horrocks for her role as Bubble on the BBC's internationally popular series "Absolutely Fabulous." Her additional credits include "Flint Street Nativity," "Hunting Venus," "Never Mind the Horrocks," "Tales From the Crypt," "Nightlife," "Henry IV, Parts I and II," "Some Kind of Life," "Suffer the Little Children," "Bad Girl," "Alive and Kicking," "Heartland" and "Storyteller: The True Bride."


  • 18th January 1964 - Birth