Al Pacino - Details


Al PacinoRaised in East Harlem, New York, Afredo was an over protected child, molly coddled by his parents and grandma. As a result Al, became interested in movies, frequenting movie theatres with his Grandma. He would often mimic or act out characters he'd scene in a film. Academically uninterested, Al Pacino, would tell tales at school, depicting his life, as a maze of adventures and exciting feats. Unperturbed by his tall stories, teachers began to recognize the mould of a great young actor and cast in him school plays.

Following on form school Al, circuiting amateur theatres, performing in downtown plays, graduating finally to Broadway, where he won critical acclaim for his "sensationally menacing" and "magnificent" performances.

A movie career was soon launched debuting with Me, Natalie (1969). His many famous roles have included..Godfather, The (1972); Scarface (1983); Dick Tracy (1990); Devil's Advocate, The (1997) and Simone (2001).


  • 25th April 1940 - Birth