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You know him from the hit NBC comedy "Seinfeld," as Puddy, the laconic, enigmatic, quirky Saab salesman and Elaine's boyfriend who broke up with her at least a dozen times in one episode. After a two-year stint on the CBS sitcom "Dave's World," Patrick Warburton originally guest-starred on "Seinfeld" as the painted-faced New Jersey Devils fan and Jerry's mechanic, only to become one of the show's funniest fixtures.

With recurring roles on numerous television series such as "NewsRadio," commercial spots for American Express (as the voice of "Superman" alongside Seinfeld), Cadillac and M&Ms, as well as the voice of Joe on Fox's animated series "The Family Guy," Warburton's success soars from the small screen to the silver screen. Warburton starred in wOMAN CHASER, the (1999), which received critical acclaim at the prestigious New York Film Festival and The Sundance Film Festival as well as DISH, the (2000), an Australian production about the first man on the moon.

As the voice of the Savior of the Universe in Disney's animated Saturday morning TV series "Buzz Lightyear," Warburton's voice recently graced the big screen in the Disney animated film EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE, The (2000), currently out on video. As if that's not enough, Barry Sonnenfeld is directing Warburton in the Columbia TriStar half-hour, comedy "The Tick" for Fox, airing this fall at 8:30pm on Thursday nights. Warburton also just finished working with Sonnenfeld in his latest feature film entitled BIG TROUBLE (2001), where Warburton portrays a cop as well as Jeanine Garofolo's boyfriend, alongside Tim Allen and Rene Russo. Now Warburton is shooting JOE SOMEBODY (2001), a Fox 2000 feature also starring Tim Allen, as well as MEN IN BLACK 2 (2002) opposite Will Smith.

A native Californian, Patrick grew up in Huntington Beach with a mother who was an actress and a father who was a doctor. Patrick's father took care of the large family by practicing medicine as an orthopedic surgeon. "My father has more integrity than any man I know. For 20 years, he flew to Mexico every weekend to take care of children stricken with polio, offering them alternatives to surgery. "

With his diverse body of television work after "Seinfeld," Warburton lights up the big screen and takes his audience from the dark deceptive world of murder and mystery to the magical world of outer space. In the film noir, pulp fiction film WOMAN CHASER, The (1999), dubbed "the Kafka of the crime novel which premiered at The New York Film Festival and The Sundance Film Festival, Patrick's starring performance earned rave reviews in this brainy and exacting tale that is a pitilessly hilarious dissection of the American male psyche. "

In addition to starring in the eerie murder mystery THE APARTMENT COMPLEX opposite Tyra Banks and Amanda Plummer, as a dark, diabolical seedy hood, Warburton also played the perfect grown-up version of Eddie Munster in a spoof on kid idols of the 70's in 40 LARGE and had a cameo in SCREAM 3 (2000). This diverse actor is earning rave reviews for his performance in DISH, The (2000) opposite Sam Neill, which is dubbed "the greatest untold story in the history of America. "

The two actors portray NASA scientists who are sent "down under" to oversee the mayhem and mishaps that transpire behind the scenes in order to televise the first men to step foot on the moon to over 4 billion people around the world. jOE SOMEBODY (2001) centers on a corporate everyman (Allen) who is beaten up and humiliated by a co-worker (Warburton) following a parking lot dispute that sends Allen's character over the edge. Julie Bowen, Jim Belushi, Kelly Lynch and Hayden Penattiere also star.

From the small screen to the silver screen, from down under to the world of Disney, Warburton's talents can be seen AND heard as he lends his voice to the Disney animated feature EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE, The (2000), a film that not only brings all of Disney's magic to the big screen, but also brings to its audience the music of Sting, who scored the film. But the magic does not end there - Patrick's voice can be heard each week in the much talked about Disney TV series "Buzz Lightyear," where he brings to life the animated adventures of the show's main character -- the Savior of the Universe, while he plays the animated Joe on the hit television series "The Family Guy. " As the star of the much-publicized upcoming TV series "The Tick," Warburton goes one step further in his ability to bring animation to life - as he brings the famous television comic strip to life this season having just landed the lead in this series. All that along with BIG TROUBLE (2001) and JOE SOMEBODY (2001)!!!!!!

When Patrick isn't on a TV or movie set, he is creating his own family history on the home front. He and wife Cathy just had a baby boy named Gabriel in addition to Shane who is 3 years old, Alexandra (Lexie) who's 7 and Talon who is now 9. When talking about his children, Patrick's face lights up as he describes them as the ultimate joy and love of his life. With what little spare time he has, Patrick manages to work out, get in a game of golf or tennis, sail on his boat all along the California Coast, build retaining walls for his new home, and he claims to be pretty creative in the kitchen as well. All that and he's also working on his pilots license?


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